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Front Miata hubs are a weak point of the chassis and no repacking of special grease, extra round bearings or careful inspection can change the fact that they were designed for 185 series tires driven on the street. Stop taking a chance on track with hub flange failures, bearing failures and brake pad knockback issues. Upgrade today to a hub designed from the ground up to handle track abuse.


Billet Enduro Hubs

NA/NB Miata Front

$600 each


A consequence of over 4 years of development and testing, these carbon alloy billet steel front hubs are a ground up product specifically designed for track abuse.  Testing has been extensive on several cars ranging from Goodwin's Hyper Miata record breaking Time Attack car, Shaky Dog's 24hr twice winning NB, top tier Spec Miata teams (Autobahn CC legal), Winning Formula's V8 275/295 Hoosier shod monsters and the list goes on....  These are a cartridge style double tapered roller bearing setup and install like stock with the factory dust cap and axle nut. 

No setting of preload. No required break in cycle. No packing with fancy grease. No Maintenance. Bolt them on and race!  They come fitted with 2.5" studs* installed and are compatible with the OEM ABS tone ring**.  If you ever do need to replace the bearing it's a simple press in/out of the single bearing cartridge. 


Limited Quantities Available NOW



Ordering Info:

Please send us an email at MiataHubs@gmail.com to check availability.  Domestic shipping is $25 or $35 with lost package insurance, UPS Ground.

*3.25" stud option available by special request

**ABS sensor spacer kit available for $25


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MiataHubs was founded by Jeff & Justin, two avid Miata racers and engineers with a passion to fix the last weakness of the Miata chassis. Each and every individual hub assembly is proudly assembled by hand and undergoes several quality checks before shipping.

Indianapolis, IN, USA

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Test Vehicles

A sample of the test fleet of cars we beat on the hubs with to ensure quality for you. In total there are thousands of hours across 4+ seasons to date of relentless curb jumps, blinding grip and joyous podiums.  Join the Hub Club today


Winning Formula V8

275/295 Hoosiers

Ryan Passey - Hyper Miata

SuperLap Battle and Global Time Attack record holder

Aaron Leichty GP1 / GLTC

Hoosiers / R1S

AER NCM 5.jpg

Robert Manouchehri GP1 / GLTC

Hoosiers / RS4

Shaky Dog GP2 - WRL 24hr Winner

WRL 24hr @ 5280 Winning car

Emile Tabb GLTC

Hoosier R7

Justin's Photos (3 of 4).jpg

Winkler Motorsports

ChampCar Winners

Thing 3 Racing GP1

VR1 / RS4

Brandon Collins

Spec Miata (now Autobahn legal)


Warranty Disclaimer

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