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Miata Complete Billet 4 Corner Solution

Miata Complete Billet 4 Corner Solution

Complete 4 corner MiataHub solution! One click shopping

Fits 1990-2005 Mazda MX-5 Miata including Mazdaspeed


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A consequence of over 5+ years of development and testing, these front hubs are a ground up product specifically designed for our application.  Testing has been extensive on several cars ranging from Championship GLTC cars, V6 enduro car, Goodwin's Hyper Miata record breaking Time Attack car, Shaky Dog's 24hr twice winning NB, top tier Spec Miata teams (not yet SCCA/NASA SM legal but they are legal at Autobahn, Lime Rock, Monticello, Spring Mountain and other private SM leagues), Winning Formula's V8 275/295 Hoosier shod monsters and the list goes on comprised of the fastest Miatas in the world!  These are a cartridge style two row tapered roller bearing setup and install like stock, no setting of preload, no required break in cycle and no packing with fancy grease, you can bolt these on and race.  They come fitted with studs of the same diameter and thread pitch so you can reuse your lug nuts and stock dust cap.  If you ever do need to replace the bearing it's a simple press in/out of the bearing cartridge (Rebuild service kits available separately).  


NEW V2.0 Billet Enduro hubs come with either an ABS tone ring machined into the body OR not based on your selection. They cannot be converted afterwards.  ABS hubs come with the sensor spacer included as a package.  Other new features of the V2.0 hubs are access slots to remove the dust cap for inspection and a snap ring for bearing retention instead of the retaining ring with screws for easier service and inspection! 


Comes with 2.5" studs installed (~1.9" thread protrustion from the hub face).


*Extended 3.25" studs available by purchasing the hubs separately (~2.6" thread protrusion) if you run spacers or just want the extra length.


Expected shipping time is 5-12 business days as we assemble and quality check each hub by hand so they are bolt on race ready when they arrive! If you have a more urgent need please let us know at



    4 Hub solutions ship UPS or USPS Ground


  • Price

    Price is for 1 complete car worth of hubs with installed studs and bearings. 


    $1,827.96 Regular Price
    $1,777.96Sale Price
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