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MR-S Billet Enduro Rear Hub

MR-S Billet Enduro Rear Hub

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These are a ground up design and made of the same premium quality high carbon Billet steel from our Miata hubs. MADE IN USA! Nice thick hub flange with a large radius out back.  Comes with 2.5" studs installed (~1.9" thread protrustion from the hub face).


*Extended 3.25" studs (~2.6" thread protrusion) if you run spacers or just want the extra length. *OEM approximate length studs also available if you want to keep your closed ended lug nuts


Don't forget to add open ended lug nuts!


MRS Hubs are now made to order approximately every 6-9 months, please place an order (you will not be charged yet) and let us know your timing needs.  These Billet rear hubs are made custom for the MR Spyder at the request of the community from failures they have experienced on track.  We inspect and quality check each hub by hand when you order so they are bolt on race ready when they arrive! If you have a more urgent need please let us know at


  • Price

    Price is for 1 hub, you need two hubs per car.

    $435.00 Regular Price
    $385.00Sale Price
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